Need A Good Mechanic? Try Ellenburgs

Ellenburgs. He is a very stand up guy. He won't screw you over as other places will. His shop was passed down to him by his dad if I remember correctly.

It's sort of hard to find. And the place looks a mess. But the mechanic was easy going and quoted me a good price.

I needed to have both the compressor and dryer replaced. I probably could have done the compressor myself. It's pretty simple, but the dryer involved removing the radiator. That was listed as 3 hours of labor and I believe it. (Online and from the shop).

I called ahead and he quoted me right over the phone. But I did already know what the problem and repair was.

I'd highly recommend them. I need to write a review because there isn't any out there.

Also when I had a big brand competitor do my repair they had my car from Monday until Saturday afternoon.

I know it had a lot of work but that's a long time to deal with no car. I bet it sat for 3 or 4 of those days waiting on parts. They could have told me that so I could have used it.

It was still running fine. The AC had just went out and the breaks were squeaky.

When I compared average prices online for the services I had done, they charged me more than any of the reported costs from others.

Sometimes only $100 more but in one case it was like $309 more.

I had a total of $2,400 worth of work done.

This involved new struts front and back. Alignment. New breaks on front and rear. With rear rotors filed.

They "looked" at and diagnosed my AC problems for $150. Took the freon they had put in -back out and charged me for it.

I know this because I went somewhere else to get the AC fixed and the guy there told me it was empty.

It needed a new compressor and they said it would be like $1200.

So I bought my own compressor for $250 vs $700 that they quoted me. And then they refused to put it in since I didn't buy it from them. Even though they before had offered to put in an old one from a junk car. – $500 for that part. (Not including labor). I had a warranty from the parts manufacturer. So their excuses were complete BS.

So although they did good work.

They probably over charged me by close to $300-$400 for the repairs I had done. And then I was pretty pissed they wouldn't do the AC work but it ended up working out. Found some other shop in town that did it in one day for $400.

My car only has a resale value of $3,700. So spending almost that amount to have the repairs done also put me in a bad mood. But the car is paid off. Meh.

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