Decatur Is Moving On Up

Decatur is definitely moving in a good direction. It has a history of decline, but we've hired an EDC president that is really passionate about it (who was previously the city manager), and a person who works for the city dedicated solely to retail expansion.

The citizens of Decatur either love it or hate it – and have a really huge array of expectations. With any city, there's no pleasing everyone, but it seems in Decatur there's no pleasing anyone. No matter the vast investment to local arts, events, parks, community activities, etc – the citizens cry foul.

If you were here 10 years ago you saw the bottom. Of coarse it all depends on what you are looking for…it appears you already have a job so the hardest part of living here is already been taken care of. The good news then is the COL is pretty low..the taxes are low but likely to go up. Crime is low in Decatur compared to surrounding cities.

The food here is top notch… I am not talking about restaurants but the food…think farmers markets and meat cutters. It is a good place to raise a family…like anywhere in the US the schools are what you pay for.

Personally, my family is from here. I went to college there, I got a job immediately out of college and stayed in Springfield, and I'm starting a family here. It was simple a deal too good to pass up on the amount of house we got.

I love the local running club and our restaurants. I love the people. I love how small it is for the amount of things there are to do. Cheap airport. Cheap taxes. Cheap cost of living – especially compared to comparable cities. Really easily navigated. I love its proximity to Champaign, Bloomington, Springfield and even Chicago and STL. Someday I might move further away, sure. But right now I'm really happy.

Forsyth itself is really nice, too.

Extremely quiet, family-friendly. Tons of pocket parks, close to restaurants and the mall. Fantastic school district. Forsyth is another great option. Mt Zion is pretty dull and overpriced, there are multiple good areas in decatur. you should hop on maps and street view different areas.

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