Baby, Baby Shower, I’m Going To Be An Aunt

When I heard that my little sister was pregers I was totally excited. She is a first time mother so that meant that she would need a lot of different items for the baby and they had a lot of work ahead of them. So I was more than happy to chip in. But then I am not a mother yet even though I should rightfully be since I am getting into the range of what many seem to think is too old. But fuck them, I am 27 so it isn't like I am going to expire anytime soon.

My little sister is 22 but she married before she finished college and I didn't get hitched until I was 25 so it is like I am the one that is still freshly married.

But she never intended to wait. She has always said that.

When it comes to baby showers I have actually only been to one in the last couple of years. One of my aunts had a baby at 40 and everyone was surprised, especially since her youngest child was thirteen at the time. So it had been a while. And everybody was more than pleased to get the things that she needed together for the baby shower. Helping somebody prepare for the arrival of their baby is almost magical. And I have been asked to help out a lot which is great. I love driving back to Decatur as much as I can. Even though we have moved twice in the last two and a half years it is like going home. Since, well, it is my old home.

It is the perfect place to raise a family, even though Springfield and Chatham aren't bad in any regards either.

But the cost of raising a family in Decatur is a lot more economical than here. She won't be working, at least not for the first years of the child's life, and I wouldn't be surprised if they try for a second in a couple of years so it could easily be five years on one income. And that can be hard. My dad was able to do it but things were different back then and Decatur wasn't as developed as it is now. Read it was even cheaper, albeit a little run down.

we are still planning on waiting about a year before we try and go for the big B. And at least like this I get to see first hand how being pregnant is. I have heard that it can either be the best nine months in your life or the worst. I hope that her pregnancy will be great. And that it will encourage me to move forward with mine. It would be amazing having our children around the same time. We loved playing with our cousins and I want the same thing for our children.

I won't be helping with the baby shower which really sort of bothers me. I mean, I understand that since it is in her behalf I can't ask people for gifts. The rules must be set in stone, because when I said I would do it my mom went white as a sheet. And forbid me from even helping plan the baby shower. I sort of brushed if off them, but we decided that what she didn't know won't hurt her. And I will be helping in the background. She has always been a stickler for keeping up with tradition. Or whatever. So while I can't help host I am more than happy meeting my sis and her best friend and getting the decorations together.

It won't be a big one. I think they intended to invite about twenty people to the shower, but that is pretty big all things considerer. I think the one for my aunt had about ten people. We all brought gifts and she got quite a bit.

Somebody even gave her a stroller, even though she had said that she didn't want one. But since her husband was laid off at the time, and the last one was about fifteen years old it was nice to have.

I will be giving her a nice stroller with bassinet.

I am totally excited!

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